Oral Tumor Symptom

What is Oral Tumor Symptom?

Oral tumor is an uncontrollable growth of cell that invades and cause damage to surrounding tissue. Oral tumor appears as a growth or sore in the mouth that does not go away. Usually, Oral tumor includes tumor of the lips, tongue, cheeks, and floor of the mouth, sinuses and pharynx (throat). Some of the oral tumor has no symptom at early stage and some have a symptom. There are several symptom of oral tumor:

    • Persistent mouth sore

Usually the patient will feel pain constant inner mouth but do not yet know what caused it. Inner mouth tumors usually affect pain prior to seed tumors arise.

    • A lump or thickening in the cheek

For those who feel swelling in the cheek prolonged advised to consult your doctor. This is because one of the signs of oral tumor was felt thickening in the cheek. Thickening occurs due to a tumor that grows and its sufferers will feel the pain constantly.

    • Difficulty swallowing or chewing

Oral signs of tumors are having difficulty swallowing and chewing. This is due to the existence of tumor strained veins cheek and mouth. The occurrence of tension will cause the patient difficult to chew food properly. Recommended when the patient eat a soft and easy to digest.

    • Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue

Patients will also feel difficulty moving the jaw or tongue. Tumors that occur in the mouth can cause tension veins inner cheek. Thus, the jaw is also difficult because each movement mobilized in the jaw will feel pain. For those who had a growth on the tongue is the most painful. This is because the food must be consumed through the tongue. Sense of taste in the tongue will be reduced due to intense pain.

    • Loosening of the teeth

Inner mouth tumors, especially inner cheek wall will result in one simple loose tooth. This happens because the bump will stretch the teeth from the gums. At this time, the patient will feel pain and lack of appetite. For those suffering from these symptoms should see a doctor immediately for advice. This is because it will be more severe and cause other tumors inner mouth.

    • Weight loss

Rapid weight loss is one sign of a tumor in the mouth. This caused tensions inner cheek will cause a person to have difficulty chewing. Due to the complexity of change they will feel less appetite.

    • Hoarseness, chronic sore throat or change in voice

If oral tumor that occurs nears the throat, they will experience a change in voice, difficulty in swallowing and feel chronic Pain at throat.



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